John van Bezu - Artist and Art making

Kunst vanBezu, Bezu's art shows my artworks and my development as an artist, but more about that later.

I started in life as a seafarer and technician. Only later I was introduced to arts. Starting with  the painting lessons of Corina Blom at Buitenpost. After ten years of hobby painting I feeled the urge to bring my ‘artwork’ to another level.

At that point in time, the Art Academy Friesland started their education in the city of Leeuwarden. The inspiration and driving force behind this was and is Doet Boersma.
I belonged to the first group of students at this Academy, this gave a lot of freedom and the opportunity to develop myself.

An important part of the academy is learning  the artistical process, from concept to finished artwork and all the steps in between. In addition to the process, I learned new techniques, such as graphic techniques, photography, video and sculptures.

I still use all these techniques and more for the design of my works. My way of working is;  technology follows concept. It is a pleasure to work with my hands, to weld and to work with stone, glass or wood. An advantage here is my technical background. Combining techniques give surprising new discoveries. Like photographs of my the sculptures often lead to surprisingly new images. These are works of art in themselves. Take a look at the photos of "Opposite worlds" or "Light and Love"

The themes arise from the "Nature of Things", the boundaries and similarities between the Ratio and the Emotion. For me it is a journey through the land of the arts.

I invite you to experience the magic of art with me.

Enjoy watching

Art ofBezu