Art is Magic

Wander and Wonder

Art  has to have  a  'trigger' for me - I call that the magic in an artwork. It makes you ask questions, it surprises or shocks and it gives new insights and makes people think.

As an artist I make art from my frame of reference, subjectively. After the work of art is ready, it is exposed to the public and stands on its own. This is how it is assessed, often without further insights into the process of creation or the ideas I had when making the work. If the work of art appeals to (or repels) the viewer, it makes the beholder think. Depending on the degree of closedness (hermetically) or openness, the motives and intention of me as an artist are clear. In my works of art there is often a reasonable degree of closedness. If  the viewer makes any effort to have a closer look to the work, he/she can understand the intention of the work of art. However,it  is more interesting if the viewer himself forms his/her opinion and insight, perhaps he/she no longer needs the insights of the artist.

Making art is passing on your world of experience, showing art is bringing other people into a new world of experience, seeing art is opening you up to other ideas. Art is what makes us human.

Art ofBezu