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Between Ratio and Emotion

Art on the brink of Emotion and Ratio
The Magic of art
Art and Science

My artworks start often by thoughts about the "forces of nature"

Phenomena that exist since the beginning of time. The ideas arise on the brink of Ratio and Emotion. The Ratio as of physical and mathematical phenomena. Examples are light and gravity, but also the golden ratio and the Fibonacci series. Emotions are known to everyone and are as old as mankind, love, sorrow, humanity.
Making my works is often a journey that starts with a sketch. Then from sketch to sculpture and from sculpture to photo and sometimes video. Have a look at projects like "Opposite worlds" that deal with apparent contradictions, "Light & Love", a love story made from the refraction of prisms. For the spectator there is the challenge to interpret, experience and have their own emotions with the artworks.
The Magic of Art
Discover 'Opposite Worlds' – about apparent contradictions
Discover 'Light& Love' – a love story in light
Discover "CRISPR-CAS Square apple 2.0 – a story about DNA modification
Imagination at the brink of Ratio and Emotio

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